Textures not showing in editor

Hi guys,

I have baked AO for a template with multiple meshes in Blender and exported the FBX. Upon importing in in PlayCanvas, most of the meshes show perfectly. The correct textures show onto the correct meshes. Although one or two meshes just do not show the textures at all.

Here you can find both the FBX and Blender files where I isolated a faulty mesh : Fastupload.io — panel.zip

Here is how it shows in Blender :

And how it shows in PlayCanvas :

The current way i do things in Blender is this :

  • Select the mesh in the model
  • Go to edit mode
  • Select All Vertices for the mesh → Press U > Smart UV Project
  • Setup an image texture for the material of the mesh in the shader editor
  • Switch to Cycles > Bake > Ambient Occlusion

I then pack my FBX with the textures. I don’t get why this method works for most of the meshes, expect for one or two. Any ideas ? :smiley:

Hi @F_Sabatie,

It seems the texture included with the model has some issue. It took a long time for PlayCanvas to process it, and after it showed in the assets panel, it didn’t seem to render in editor as you said.

But if you launch your app and check on runtime it seems to work. Here is with the default model viewer project:

I did also another experiment, exported the image as .jpg from Blender, saved it on disk and uploaded in PlayCanvas. It still doesn’t seem to render correctly in editor, not sure why:

@yaustar @mvaligursky any idea?

Here is my test project: PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

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Hey @Leonidas !

I hadn’t noticed that it works at runtime, thank you for that ! It’s actually enough for me right now, but it would indeed be great to understand why the editor doesn’t properly show the texture :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you very much !

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The issue is because there is a # in the asset name. Review the # and refresh and it will show up