Text broken in chrome bysome device

I download my project and play in chrome by my phone,it looks like this:


The text font looks like clear,but some device play in chrome looks like this:


I can’t understand why the text looks like broken ?

There are have problem’s device:
samsung a8s (1080X2340)
nubia nx609j (1080X2160)
vivo x1s
oppo k1 (1080X2340)
Xiaomi 6 (1080X1920)

Need some help,thanks

I’ve never seen this before.

@dave Something for you?

Can you check if those devices support the GL_OES_standard_derivatives extension for WebGL.

Visit https://webglreport.com/ on the device for a list of extensions.

check already and all devices support the GL_OES_standard_derivatives.

Update situation:

I upload my project to other server and play in chrome, the problem devices’s text looks clear.

But play from original server text still broken,these server not do any picture compression.

What situation can make text broken in specific server?

Can you check the browser console on the problem devices on the problem server to see if there are any errors?

Already check,no any error message on browser console.

I was thinking of issues that the server may be due to files not being served or served correctly.

Are the files exactly the same between the two servers? Is it exactly the same build of the game?

Could you share a link to the server that is causing you issues?

Finally find the problem…

The problem server use the CDN to compress picture,server’s owner doesn’t tell me that before…

Thanks everyboday help!

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