Text adventure game set in small town Maine

Hey guys, I’m looking for some feedback on my text adventure game. It’s a hobby project that I’m completing with my wife. It’s still in the prototype phase but any feedback on what could make the game better (except adding graphics) is appreciated.


I tried on mobile and I see that probably is not supported yet. I remember you asking for the way to show the keyword.
In any case I saw two more points that could be worthy to check:

  1. On portrait the text is cut
  2. The font is hard to read (probably too low resolution for this kind of font)

I’ll try the game on desktop later :slight_smile:

@mcmorry Thanks for taking the time to try the game and to give me your feedback. You are correct, for the moment I am not supporting mobile devices. I’m looking forward to your feedback on your experience of the game on desktop.

So first of all, I like to play it. Nice music and sounds.

I tried to use some something like “check the newspaper”, or “walk outside”, but the commands are quite limited. It’s ok, but if you can add some more could be more natural sometime.
In some cases, when there is just one door (like in the lobby) I’d like to type just “Open the door”.
Even better, if the description says “The door is unlocked”, I’d like to say just “open” or “open it”. You could store the object of the last description so that when there is only one you can act on it automatically.


  1. I’m in the town square. I type “go east” to go to the church and it doesn’t understand where to go.
  2. In the meantime that a longer description is appearing, if I hit enter then… have fun :slight_smile:

    Anyway, hitting enter with an empty text should not do an action. Maybe just speed up the printing of the description.

Also, I’m not used to play this kind of games so I get lost quite early… I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.
The teacher is busy, the orphanage has both doors closed, I can’t reach the church, I don’t how to speak with Mrs. Sortwell (I mean how to answer her or to ask something), the other guest room is also closed…

Would be nice to have some hints during the game? Like the thoughts of the player on what could be done after I visit all the available locations? Or by typing “help”.

@mcmorry Dude, awesome feedback. Thank you so much for taking the time. You pointed out some really good stuff.

I will try to expand the list of recognized verbs a little; “check” as a substitue for “look” is a good example and pretty easy to add. It woud be nice to make command recognition a bit more contextual, like your suggestion regarding opening doors. If this can be implemented easily, I will do it.

Issue 1: Yeah, I haven’t scripted the church yet, I guess I should have a message to that effect for areas of the game I haven’t programmed yet.
Issue 2: Good catch, and probably an easy fix. I will get right on that.

You hints system idea is very interesting. I will think about that.

Again, thanks for your constructive feedback and for taking the time.

I’m happy to help.
Let me know when you have an update I’ll continue with more tests :slight_smile: