Testing Sprites and Checkpoints


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Is the Button Component a deprecated one? Or is it a new one?

This is Nice. Maikkol16.


This is a really exciting feature. I’d love to try it.



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I’d love to try it.



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Thanks for your feedback everyone.

The sprites feature has now been released to everyone.


Hi @dave

We are currently using the sprite feature for a 2D game, it works pretty great in general. But I’ve encountered some issues: neither the drawOrder nor the layers of the sprites get cloned properly when I clone an entity, so I had to copy that manually.

The Checkpoint feature seems like a really useful addition! Can I test it out?
Organization: REDOX Labs

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Thanks for reporting this issue. We’ve already got a fix for this lined up here: https://github.com/playcanvas/engine/commit/e0b5834a0bd521f1a166735b8e6767c1be58a4f5 We should be deploying it later this week.



Hey dude ,how to creat a checkpoint and how to delet it ?I can’t see a button or any other way .


Hi Tong, I can’t see a way of deleting it either - very weird!


Thank you for you reply :smiley: