Testing Sprites and Checkpoints


Hello all,

We’re testing two new features on PlayCanvas and would like some volunteers to help. If you want to have the new features described below enabled. Reply below with your PlayCanvas username and we’ll enable it for your account.

Please send any feedback on the features to support@playcanvas.com


  • Support for creating multiple sprites out of texture atlases.
  • Animated “flip-book” style sprites.
  • 9-sliced user interface elements
  • Two new asset types: Texture Atlas Asset and Sprite Asset
  • One new component: Sprite Component


  • Create checkpoints to save the current state of your project
  • Revert back to a previous checkpoint and resume development

Versioning - Scripts make sense, but what about the entities in the editor?
Development workflows?

Wow, very nice!



Nice features! Thanks


Wow, this is very nice but I wonder if I can upload a sprite sheet from Aseprite to the PlayCanvas sprite editor.



I don’t know what the output of Aseprite is but we do support the json format of TexturePacker.


can these other types of files work


The texture atlas is an image so that’s what you need. The texture packer format is for defining the frames. We don’t support any other formats.


Is this the official site to texturepacker @vaios





That’s nice, I was just testing animated sprites for a project today!

Username: marcofx


CrazyFolker / GAME_SKINNERS ( one is my user account, the other is the organisation account )


Your playcanvas username is crazyfolker


Seems interesting



I want to test these features too!

Username: swh


The checkpoint feature is great, but it seems to incur quite an overhead on storage.

I made a single checkpoint on an existing project, and the size went from 0.82Gb to 1.26Gb


Yes please!






The initial checkpoint for a project is the largest as it takes a complete copy. Later checkpoints will only store changes so will not be as big.

We’ll be updating storage limits to mitigate for the increased storage requirements for checkpoints.


Nice :-), please include me.


Looks great!