Support for Spine 4.x

Hey hey

I just wanted to ask if you currently plan to support spine 4.x in the near future? I found this post [SOLVED] Spine vs Dragonbone Integration, opinions on those tools and the PR Mvaligursky opened. Is this being prioritized right now? I (and my animating coworkers) hope so :sweat_smile:

I’m afraid the work isn’t being prioritised at this stage AFAIK.

Our public roadmap is available here: PlayCanvas Roadmap · GitHub

Here’s a relevant ticket: Support for Spine 4.x now that it's stable? · Issue #52 · playcanvas/playcanvas-spine · GitHub

I’ve tried a while back to upgrade to 4.0, but the changes are substantial and I could not finish it quickly as I hoped for.

Ah I see you posted a link to that issue already, sorry.


Just checking if there is something planned in the future of the plugin, since it has been some months.

Edit. Just saw this:


A new contributor has decided to give this a go, so fingers crossed.

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