[SOLVED] Spine vs Dragonbone Integration, opinions on those tools

I’m currently comparing 2d Animation software for Game Engine Integration.
As far as I know PC only supports Spine, and this in only an older version (which should be no problem)

Will Spine be the main focus for such integrations, or are plans for supporting DragonBones Skelettons / animations as well.

Additionaly as I’m currently comparing both solutions also sharing personal opinions / experiences on pros/cons of these tools would be helpfull.

Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately, we currently have no plans to make a DragonBones integration

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Thanks for the fast reply. That makes the decision clear.

A while back I looked at Spine 4 integration, but that turned out to be more work that I had at a time, so it’s unfinished. Somebody could pick it up in theory and get it done: Spine support for version 4.0 by mvaligursky · Pull Request #57 · playcanvas/playcanvas-spine · GitHub