Suggestion about bike controller mechanics

Hi, I am making a bike controller like a bike controller in traffic rider game

I was wondering how can i make the mechanics of bike controller. There are two ways: One way is to make a controller kinematic and move and animate everything through code.

Other way is to make a bike body dynamic rigid body using ammo bullet physics. I know bullet works on four tyres but i can place both front wheel and rear wheel on the same place to have a bike.

I just need a suggestion what would be better to do so that i can make a controller near to the bike controller of traffic rider.

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Not done this before. I be tempted to use a dynamic rigid body and fake the tilt of a bike going left/right by animating the model.

Whether or not to use a full vehicle simulation is another question.

This game used Ammo IIRC, so you might be able to ask the developers Lego Jurassic World - Trial Bike Game


Was just curious that Doesn’t dynamic rigid body causes problem in animating on update function?
Like sometimes it doesn’t work or sometime it act weird.

As @yaustar suggested you can add the bike model as a child entity, to the rigid body entity.

Then you can animate it using the set position methods / tweens etc.

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@saif We use the RaycastVehicle from Ammo. There is no active “jumping” in our game. It happens passively, when you drive over a ramp. The rotation/flips are implemented via the btBody.applyTorque method, also provided by Ammo.

If you have any specific questions, I’m happy to help.


Hi @dexter_deluxe, thanks for answering. I am going to implement controller through dynamic rigid body and will contact if i get any issue.

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