Lego Jurassic World - Trial Bike Game

Hi all,

we have just released a trialbike game for Lego Jurassic World, by order and in cooperation with the german kids television broadcaster SuperRTL.

Short gameplay video: HERE

It’s localized in german language, just click Jetzt spielen! (Play now!)


Thanks a lot to all of you people from the community who helped us to get along with the PlayCanvas engine, especially @yaustar @inductible @vaios @will and the others for answering our stupid questions :wink:


Plays really well! Great job!

What did you use for the vehicle physics? Ammo?

@yaustar Thank you. Yes, we’ve used the raycast vehicle from ammo.

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Wow, this is very impressive! I’ll record a video and tweet it from the PlayCanvas Twitter account. The world should see it! :slight_smile:

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@will thanks a lot!! If this helps you: We are currently cutting a small gameplay video, we will send it to you today or tomorrow :wink:

That would be great! I will wait then. :smile:

Looking absolutely fantastic!

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I’ve tweeted out an announcement about this game here:

Show Redox Labs some :heart: and give them a retweet! :wink:

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Would be nice to be able to play it in fullscreen by pressing f or F11 or something

iframe = document.getElementsByTagName("iframe")[0]
iframe.width = 1920
iframe.height = 1080

Or iframe link:;/spiele/redox-testumgebung/jurassic-world-trial-bike/1174&ivwtag=&ivwtag2=dBILDredCONonliXPPxxxSPIEcasualgame&ivwcomment=/spiele/redox-testumgebung/jurassic-world-trial-bike/1174&gamecreator=Redox

I like these sorts of games where you need to remain somewhat focused :ok_hand: :heart:

It’s better to use the fullscreen API for that. For example, one of my projects does:

    var el = document.getElementById('fullscreen-button');
    if (document.documentElement.requestFullscreen) {
        el.addEventListener('click', function (e) {
            if (!el.classList.contains('checked')) {
            } else {
                if (document.exitFullscreen) {
    } else {
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Thanks for the feedback. Since we have only devolped the game and they implemented it into their website, I have forwarded the request to their devs :space_invader: