Sticks N stones | Survival game [Beta]

Hello all. I am working on a game alone, the game is called “Sticks N stones”. Currently I am trying to make a survival type, crafting and hunting based game. I want to later add a simple day/night, food (in 1.0 beta) and possibly mobs/hostile entities. I have everything set up for an infinite map as well which will be added in a later version. Currently you can craft, and build buildings. I took some time to make the models, and art myself so I’d like to share the logo:
Here are a few gameplay screenshots:

Please give feedback, and report any glitches you find (Note: this is a beta model of the game I am aiming for so please keep that in mind) Anyways you can test the game here.
Thank you for reading and or playing the game, and I hope you have a good day. :grin:


If you are having issues with the controls, I recently added a menu button you can access for controls and other notes.

Hey man, this project looks awesome!

How long you’ve been working on this?
We are creating a survival game called on PlayCanvas.

Do you wanna chat about your project?
DM me on Discord: cem_onrush

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Hi @Jacob_McBride2!

Very good job so far! You can definitely see that you have talent. :sparkles:

If you don’t mind, I have a few suggestions:

  • Make the collision of the small stones a little smaller. I think you use a primitive collider, but currently it looks like they are floating at some rotation and I think it looks more realistic if they fall into the (soft) ground.
  • Make actual buttons of your current action suggestions (press F to break). This way you can play the game also on mobile by clicking the button instead of pressing a key.
  • Maybe use the same way of dragging objects as I do in my drag and drop example project. I think this makes it easier to position objects.
  • I suggest to deselect the selected item by pressing the same item key again.
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I appreciate it! Thanks for the feedback, this is the type of thing I need to see/hear to make the game better.

  1. so yeah I noticed that, I’d have to maybe add the render model as a child entity and the parent as the sphere collider (for preformance as you can drop 100s of items so it get’s laggy with model collisions)
    2. I will add this for a mobile port later or I may add it once the game is more developed.
    3. this was the idea, but as of now the handitem doesn’t get the complete item info yet (it assumes all items are the same and doesn’t consider item types yet)
    4. Yeah I thought of the same thing (I have this in my first inventory system which works nice, so it won’t be hard to add at all)
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Not sure why you need to do this? What are the settings of the collision component currently?

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Well I’d have to because the model doesn’t orient correct in playcanvas, because it floats a bit above the plane so I cant have the sphere collision as a part of the entity, as this does the same thing, so I’d have to make the render a child and the sphere collision parent entity.

The settings now are the sphere collider as part of the render as a collision component, so that’s why you get that hover/floaty effect.

You can add an offset to the collision component nowadays.

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I actually never knew that, is it in the collision component itself?

It’s crazy as years have gone by already and playcanvas is still updating and changing for the better which is very nice.

Yes, you can add an offset to the rotation and position on the collision component itself. Finally no workaround with child entities needed anymore. :partying_face:

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Nice, this will definitely be helpful as I really did not want double the amount of entities in the scene from just dropped items. I appreciate your insights!

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Day/Night cycle with simple weather

I added a simple day/night system with skyboxes that change based on day or night, and weather for day or night which will also sometimes switch midday or midnight. This effect with bloom makes the sky pretty nice to look at especially the simple sunrises and the glowing sunlight on the morning clouds, and adds some cool effect for night with the glowing moon and the clouds in the night sky. Here are some captured images:

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I also have a way to change the amount of a day cycle 720 being 12 minutes day 12 minutes night (equivalent to 12 hours each hour being 1 minute real time, 1 minute game time being 1 second real time) (I think) The way it is set up is pretty customizable, so you can use any skyboxes you want for day or night, and amount of time you want etc, also weather stability (chance of the weather being the same as last time it was chosen) has been added as a number for percentage so it should work pretty good.

I can also make some monster entities appear at night (I have a few concept ideas for some shade entities but that’s a secret until it is released.) Probably will be released in 1.2 or 1.3 (1.1 will be day/night with hopefully infinite generating terrain with recourses) the only issue is saving chunks, generating them is easy but I am not 100% sure on saving them (all projects with infinite spaces I have made have either been 1 infinite planes, or 2 non-euclidean spaces that change as yo move away then come back) But it will be done, as well as the updated handitem code to grab the item types from our inventory when selected which can open up possibility for weapons, food, and better structure building.

Day/Night, weather, beds and sleeping

These have been done, weather depends on weather stability, night allows player to sleep on bed and wake up next day etc. It is working nicely, and will be added in either update 1.1 or 1.2.

Hunger is now working, BUT- you can eat rocks. (by design) I will make the mushrooms models soon and perhaps some new apple trees. But the apple trees will have to wait. Infinite terrain is complete, day night cycle is done, food is working, weather cycle is working, in the terrain we have some “biomes” so updates 1.1 to 1.3 are done. I will go in now and make the new models, and images for the new inventory items, then update 1.3 will be launched! (maybe update 1.5 if I’m up to it)

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Polish: slot selection in inventory now has de-selection by pressing the same slot key (as mentioned by @Albertos )

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Mushroom model has been created, I may add variants later in a newer update.