Specular highlight banding

In this scene https://playcanvas.com/editor/scene/1450422 there is banding on the specular highlight. It’s odd that I only just noticed as I’ve been working on a scene for a while and hadn’t noticed until now , but that could just be me. Could something have changed in the editor/engine? If I increase the material’s default specular color from 3A3A3A then the banding gets better to closer it gets to white FFFFFF but then the highlight is too intense. Is there a way to stop this banding?

The scene is very dark so I couldn’t see the banding. Is it meant to be that dark?

Can you try against the previous version of the engine too please?

Is this on desktop/Chrome/mobile/iOS etc?

The closed issue below can be related.

@Albertos yes that looks like the issue I’m seeing.

@yaustar I made the light brighter and the issue is still present. It is more noticeable when the light intensity is low. If you scan around using the mouse or touch camera controls and look at the edge of the highlight or directly down, then it is clearer.

The issue is present in current (1.54.1) and previous ( 1.53.4 ).

I see the issue on Mac Chrome (Retina 5K, 27-inch) and iPhone XR .

Here is an iPhone screenshot: