White wall appears weirdly in mobile

Hi, I am testing my application in mobile and the white wall appears weirdly while it is working fine in desktop. I did set “runtime-device pixel ratio” checked in rendering.

This is from desktop.

This is from mobile.

Hi @lenvanthis and welcome,

It may be related to this issue from this post:


I believe you’re facing the known issue discussed here.

We still need to add support for RGBP in the editor, but actually it looks like apple have finally fixed the underlying issue https://twitter.com/mrmaxm/status/1558409990024708099.

Unfortunately there will always be devices with old versions of iOS, so this won’t solve the issue short term.


Actually @lenvanthis if you don’t mind giving me access to your project, I could possibly create a version using RGBP for testing.

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You are correct. iPhone has this problem, and when tested in Android, it wasn’t a problem.