Sounds on iOS not playing

Seems like they (browsers) changed something again? I think this was working before

Hi @Yohami_Zerpa,

Can you try testing one of the tutorial audio examples?

I’ve just tried the first two on an iPhone 10 and they seem to work as expected:

I mean sounds dont play prior to user interaction - I have a music track that plays automatically when the game starts, but it doesnt play on iOS. As a result none of the other sounds play either afterwards, I think it gets blocked

Yup, I think that’s an iOS security rule introduced, to start playing an audio asset you must do it as a response to user interaction.

Check this post for a possible workaround:

Just to follow up on this, I have no audio playing on iOS at the mo on Tutorials | Learn PlayCanvas


I’m running iOS 14.6 on an iPhone 6s.

As a side note, is there an example implementation of [iOS] Sound slot doesn't autoplay - #2 by Leonidas link?


Ah ha! Just to update… turns out I am very very silly… my iOS device had the hardware mute button on :frowning: