[SOLVED] Why Material Chunk not working?

I was doing project using HardWareInstancing and Color Chunk. I want to apply each Different Instance Different Material, which was said it could be done by custom shading in this Thread: https://forum.playcanvas.com/t/hardware-instancing-and-color/14237/5

I was following HellG’s instruction to make it happen, and code did’t gave me an error and consolelog was looking fine but the color was not changing.

So I tried to find example for material chunk, which is custom Shaders, but no project seems to be working on at least browser

Was there an Engine Change for the material chunk?

Hi @Deanies,

Yes you’re right, we hadn’t updated the example for engine v1.55.

I’ve fixed the project now. Please see the updated plasma.frag file. Instead of returning a vec3, the function now sets dEmission.