[SOLVED] Where/when is preload:start fired?

Hi, when is this preload:start event fired and who fire it?

The engine fires it as part of an Editor published release. See: Application Lifecycle | Learn PlayCanvas

@yaustar What about engine only?

It won’t get fired unless you do the same flow as a published release

@yaustar Hi, sorry I do not see explicitly the preload:start event in this diagram (orange box). Can you help me?

It’s fired as part of the preload flow that the Editor uses: https://github.com/playcanvas/engine/blob/d783c2b599d7d5cdc1c7cb4f9dd7cc6b6dce5868/src/framework/app-base.js#L759

If you look at the boilerplate of an Editor published project, you can see that app.preload is called here and app fires the preload:start event in that function

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@yaustar Thanks a lot! :100:

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