Where is preload:progress fired?

I have some issue in my Vue.js app with preloading screen.
I see that preload:progress is not fired by pc.Application.

I am useing SceneRegistry.loadSceneHierarchy() to load a scene and scripts.
Maybe I have todo a manual approach… Any help appreciated

Does the SceneRegistry not fire any events?

AssetRegistry does:

The preload events are only called on the app startup. This flow chart may help Application Lifecycle | Learn PlayCanvas

It isn’t called on loadSceneHierarchy or any asset load calls after the initial startup.

What are you looking to do?

If you want to load assets before changing scenes, there’s an example on this page: Loading Scenes | Learn PlayCanvas

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Thanks, I basically need a preloader for scenes not assets, sorry I misunderstand things.
also thanks for the example, this is also useful.

In which case, that example would be the way I would recommend

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