[SOLVED] webGPU future and workflows

One of my biggest learning-toDo is shaders. But as I’ve noticed webGPU around the corner (also the amazing Playcanvas-Team working on integrating as well) I was wondering, what this new technology will mean for future custom shaders and especially workflows.
Is time invested into learning WebGL-Shaders and GLSL somewhat wasted effort or will main concepts still apply there?
I’ve read that webGPU will change the worklfows for shaders quite a bit and was wondering if then the proposed Workflow will heavily depend on the very promising looking PC-Shader Editor instead of Shader Chunks.
As I’m a total noob on that, thanks for any info!

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I’d say that the shader concepts have not changed since 20 years ago, and has just been expanded on. If you’re interested in understanding / writing shaders, all you learn now on WebGL will be directly applicable to WebGPU as well. The language is little bit different, but the math / functionality is the same.


Perfekt, thank you. Then I will dive into WebGl head-first. :grinning:

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