[SOLVED] WebGL Firefox issue

Just in case it is a bug:

Loaded Firefox mobile on my samsung galaxy s6, because it is the only browser that supports accelerometer in Android, practically.

Loaded a game just fine for one time. After that no playcanvas app ever run again. Tried to clear all caches, rebooted phone, with no result.

Loading just doesn’t start, it remains stuck as in the photo.

You will probably have to remote debug to determine if there is a console error for what is going wrong?

I will try that at some point and let you know. Just for the record it happens in alla playcanvas projects.

Does that happen in other webgl applications too?

Yes, you are correct. It is not playcanvas related, it seems that webgl is broken on Firefox.

Thought that it was a connectivity issue as loading was stuck.

How about Chrome, is it better?

Yes, it is only related to Firefox. All other browsers work perfectly.

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Sometime firefox need to enable webgl, you can find something on web searching enable webgl on firefox

Thanks for the suggestion, although I don’t seem to find anything related to Firefox mobile.

@Leonidas This issue still exists, in firefox mobile, run any playcanvas application with batching and particles, even on high end phones its performance will be slow. There is some issue with firefox android.

These are the logs after remotely debugging my app, this only occurs in firefox android.(high end/low end phones).

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