General Issue on Firefox Android for ALL Playcanvas Apps

Hello everyone,

There is general issue being faced by every playcanvas application on firefox mobile,
This is my game:

It runs well in every browser you can name it except the firefox android. The obstacles in this game are batched and in the firefox browser they dont appear, the particle system is totally bugged.
Logs on the firefox android

Other Apps:
I ran this playcanvas app on my high end android phone, and it shows 15 FPS at Max,
while in chrome mobile(android) it gives 60 FPS easily.

I cant seem to find the issue, I downloaded older versions of firefox from , still the same issue exists with every playcanvas app, the FPS are like 15 to 20 and bugged.

I ran this , and the cube appears, I thought every WebGL App is bugged in firefox android, But then I played this game made in phaser , and it seems to work with 60 fps.

Any help would be appreciated, as this major bug is effecting every Playcanvas App and needs to be addressed.
@will @dave @yaustar

Just ran the Seemore Demo,

On Chrome Android:

On Firefox(Version: 68.2.0) Android:

Mobile Specs (Honor 8x):

So basically a drop of 40 FPS on the same device running the Seemore demo.
Also if I disable dynamic batching on my batched obstacles here
The obstacles appear on my screen and if I enable dynamic batching they dont appear while the collision still happens. Still cant get above 16 fps on my android firefox, while chrome,opera giving 60 FPS consistently.

Hi @Geniteam, indeed you make a fair point, I can easily reproduce this with the Blank project template:

  • Chrome, solid 60fps
  • Firefox for Android, 25-35fps

Though to be fair I am not certain this is a Playcanvas issue, it seems to be a generic issue with WebGL and Firefox for Android.

I’ve tried this ThreeJS demo on both browsers and on the same device (Samsung Galaxy S7):

  • Chrome, solid 60fps
  • Firefox for Android, 30-35fps

Searching around regarding this issue it seems a lot of people experience that kind of poor performance with WebGL and Firefox on mobile.

Certainly @Leonidas this is a general issue, just ran this

On Chrome:

On Firefox:

And one more thing, anything which is dynamic batched in Playcanvas wont be rendered on Firefox android, @Leonidas can you confirm this? It seems to effect my game.

Let me check on this, could you open a new thread about this? To keep everything clean and searchable :wink:

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@Leonidas Sure, and try disabling/enabling the option Prefer webgl 2 to hide them magically :stuck_out_tongue: