[SOLVED] Web Download builds missing Cubemaps

This ones a bit hit and miss

I suspect that because this project uses multiple cubemaps,
that they go missing as a result when we download the build
from Play Canvas and host the build on our own server.
We have lots of builds with Cubemaps that are working.

As hosted on our Web Server:


The scene exported:


The latest build on Play Canvas


I just downloaded a build myself to host on a local web server and it looks fine to me when I compare side by side to the build published on PlayCanvas

Looking at your self hosted build, you get the following errors in the command log:

My guess is that your server isn’t configured to serve .dds files or the upload process missed them as they are definitely there in the downloaded build.

Have a look at the following thread in regards to serving .dds files on the server Skybox not rendered or missed in web download of publish

Thank you so very much!! I don’t configure this so it’s great to know, never would have figured it out.