Skybox not rendered or missed in web download of publish

hi, folks,

I just web downloaded my publish, and put it on my IIS server.

Everything was OK, but the skybox missed. It’s basically like this.

The grey part in the pic above should be the skybox, but unfortunatelly it’s not rendered.

Can anyone plz help?


Ok, the problem has been solved. Like dave said, my iis server indeed doesn’t handle .dds files correctly, and because of this, the skybox doesn’t show up.

An alternative way is to use .jpg or .bng pics to build up the cubebox, which can be handled by the iis server in the right way.

Thx for all you guys!

You have not included any links to relevant project and build.
It is impossible to debug anything by just using an image.

Be careful sometime the skybox disappear without a reason so you have to go to scene rendering option and put it in again. Is better if you have a good connection when you work in editor coz i noticed the disappearance come up when i connect with mobile connection while travelling mostly.

Have you checked the skybox textures are being served correctly. They are .dds files which a standard webserver may not be configured to serve.

Hi Max, sorry for the late reply, I was being out of development for some reasons… I just tried to make a small test project with model viewer starter option for the skybox renderring. I basically changed nothing in the starter kit, then downloaded the build packet, published it on my iis server. The skybox didn’t show up as well…

this is the test project link

Hi dave, thanks for your reply, and sorry for my late reply, I was being out of this project for days for some reasons…

Could you plz tell me how my iis server serves .dds files in correct way?

Hi ayrin, thanks for your reply and sorry for my late one… I was being out of this project for days for some reasons…
This is the link to my test project
It’s quite simple, but skybox doesn’t show up on my IIS server as well…

We serve dds files as type: image/dds. You should debug on your IIS instance and check if the dds files are loaded correctly.