[SOLVED] Tween Manager Error

Hi, for no apparent reason Im suddenly getting the error:

tabs=135357229&line=704&col=21&error=true): Uncaught TypeError: application.addTweenManager is not a function

I am not working on any tweens and all I recall doing prior to the error was creating some folders in my project and organizing some files. I have tried re-uploading the script, restarting my Pc etc but the error persists.

What can it be and how can I resolve it?

We’re on it, stay tuned.

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The error seems to have gone away. :slight_smile:

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I have this error now

You need to delete your currunt tween thingy and download a new one from the asset store.


where is this asset store?

You can find the Asset Store button in the editor, on the bottom right of your scene.

Indeed! Found it! Thanks!