[SOLVED] Tween Manager Error

Why in hell did you change this? Now every single projects with Tween is going to be a pain to change and for what?
SO unneccesary

which playcanvas version is the last before this big change please?

The last version, before the engine has introduced an improved events handling system was 1.65.5. I don’t like breaking changes as well, but I also don’t like using an underperforming system simply because an improved one will break it.

You can also use the original Tween library directly as well. Although, it has the same syntax as the current PlayCanvas version:

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Well, I tried using the old tween library but it gives the breaking bugs the original post was about. I can’t go trhough the pain of updating every single tween function in an old project who needs updating so I’ll use the 1.65 engine version.
thank you for sharing this info