[solved]Tools & Strategies for workflow / design documentation

I’m currently working on several projects (playcanvas and web in general), which potentially should grow into a reusable systems / simple frameworks. As I also plan to work with other developers on it and also to keep track of my own design / workflow choices I’m curious which tools & methods other developers or even the pc core team uses for this task. I’m currently using Whimsical and a weird mixture of UML and Flow Diagrams, but I guess there are better tools and methods out there.
As always, thanks for any insight.

maybe something like this:?

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Thanks Gurki for your input, notion.so looks interesting.
I guess documentation itself ist then done in text form or via embeds (figma or else)?

We’ve used Basecamp and Wrike. They’re a bit pricey and each has it’s pluses and minuses.

For my own personal work, I prefer Trello for it’s simplicity.

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I never used it myself, but it was a recommendation from Yaustar when I asked the same question and, unlike me, he knows at least what he is talking about :slight_smile:

Before the covid times, we used whiteboard with some markers :slight_smile:
For online, I used https://www.diagrams.net/ often, since it is integrated to Google Drive, so if your team has a folder there, you can create and edit a diagram directly in the folder.

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Yes whiteboards rule in terms of flexibility and fun :slight_smile:
Diagrams.net looks nice as well, the Google Drive integration makes it quite interesting.