Game development site?

Hello everyone,

Does anyone a good place to present my project :smiley:
I’m looking for a public room, where I can show a kind of mixed blog and project management, like story and vison, technic and status, links to resources, some background, schedule and risks…

Are you looking for some like Discord? Or more your own personal web hosting space?

always thougt Discord is for team speack in multiplayer only :blush: ))

So I’ll take a look into Discord. Your DevLog helps me a lot to center myself once a day and think about what I’ve achieve and what I’ll approach next…
My Game is growing more and more complex. So I could write down pages of stuff…
I’d like to do this public, if there ever will be, more people on the team, there would be some documentation.

Not what I was looking for, but a great idea :+1::slight_smile:
Every time GDC on YouTube says ‘do this’, I can write down a line
and don’t waste time with task and shedules: myDiscord
many Thanx,

Sounds like you would like something similar to ?