[SOLVED] Texture Tiling [BUG] on IE and EDGE

We just found a bug regarding texture tiling on transparent textures in Internet Explorer and Edge.
The bug only occurs on one texture which uses transparency and tiling and only in the above named browsers to our knowledge.
Here is a a screenshot of the texture in the editor window in Edge:

And in here the same texture in Chrome:

please let me know if there is anything we could do to fix this or if you can fix it soon.


Can you post a link to the project that exhibits the problem please? Ideally something that shows the problem in an isolated way. Also, just a tip, but if you find something that you strongly suspect is a bug in the Engine, do please submit it here:

This way, it gets properly tracked and you get notified when it gets fixed (you can even see the code change). :smile:


here’s a separate public scene showing the problem, thanks for the directions to github I’ll post there directly next time!

OK, thanks. I have reproduced the problem here. Very strange! We will investigate and (hopefully) provide a fix ASAP.

Just to round out this thread for anyone else readying, the problem is that IE and Edge premultiply PNG color by the alpha channel on load. The other browsers do not do this. Microsoft should fix this sometime next year. In the meantime, if you get affected by this bug in IE/Edge, separate out your alpha channel into a separate opacity map.

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