[SOLVED] Texture compression

Hi. After compressing the textures, I get the size of the files larger than the original. If I publish a project, what size of the file will this compressed texture have — the original or compressed size? Or does the game engine for publishing a project produce additional compression? Thanks.


The texture compression is specifically creating a new texture file in the formats that you have selected and takes much less memory on the VRAM to allow more detailed scenes using more textures.

However this can come at a cost of the size of the file on disk as you have seen here.

As you have ticked all the formats, the published build will will contain the original jpg, the etc1, etc2, dxt and pvr files of this texture so the size of the published build is increased.

However, when the user uses the the app, they will only download the format that their device supports so there is little impact on the amount of data they use.


Thanks for the detailed answer! :slightly_smiling_face: