[SOLVED] Student Game get guid Error

here is the editor link.
We are getting this Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘get guid’) error. I tried a fix that was given to me in this case before in which we merged branches, but it did not work in this case.

Hi @Ashley_Solano!

Please remove the asset below from the project as this asset is invalid.

Its the same issue as [SOLVED] Error get guid

In this case, delete barrels.fbx

Was this file recently uploaded or forked/copied from another project?

Thank you that worked.
No it was not forked or copies from another.
In the future, how do I know what file might be impacting the game as invalid? Is there something I can look for

If an uploaded asset like a model, is marked as Scene.

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thank you!

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With that error message and callstack where it can’t load a scene as an asset, its always the issue where someone has uploaded a FBX from a compressed ZIP file WITHOUT uncompressing it first.

The easiest way to find that file is to change assets to list view and use the search bar to show all assets by selecting the root folder and typing *. in the search bar.

We’ve fixed the issue by disallowing upload of ‘empty’ files but it has not been released yet.