[SOLVED] Error get guid

Student has been working through their game, just recently it is giving the Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘getGuid’) error on all scenes.
We tried the branch/checkpoint fix and it did not work, any suggestions?
here is the link:

I don’t know how but the project is completely broken where the data for for the scene isn’t being passed and I’ve not seen this before

Found the issue: We have an issue where somehow this FBX is uploaded as an empty scene

There’s an asset that has somehow been uploaded as a Scene type

Delete it and you should be good to go

Ahhhh weird! Thank you SO MUCH!

I found a reproducible for this issue and will be looking at tackling this at the next bug blitz.

For the short term, please uncompress the ZIPs before dragging the FBX file into the Editor or use the upload (+) button :slight_smile:

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The bug fix has now been released