[SOLVED] Spine animations have stopped working in my projects

Spine animations are giving errors and stopped working in my projects.
These were working perfectly fine and stable version is published as well. However these are not working without any changes from my side.
If anyone can guide about it, that would be great.

The Spine runtime has been updated in response to a change in 1.45.0:

Download the latest builds:

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I have downloaded the new version and it is giving the error of “slot not found: name”
Even with the provided assets within this plugin from git

Test project:

@Faisal Can you make the test project public please?


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Looking at the project, the example asset, Spineboy requires spine 3.8

Swapping the runtime from 3.6 to 3.8 fixes the project. Fork: PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine

Thank you very much
The provided assets are working now. However the error is resolved, but my own assets are not visible in the project(Same link).
Can you tell me what is wrong there?

The issue seems to be related to the skins data

Changing this from Dog-normal to default makes the dog render:

I don’t know why this is an issue as I’m not experienced with Spine

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That Fixed my issue anyway.
Thank you so very much
Much Appreciated.

Had a quick look at the API, ‘default’ is the skin that loads by default.

You can multiple skins on a skeleton so any named skin can be set via the API skeleton.setSkinByName:


    this.entity.spine.state.setAnimation(0, "GapFall", true);

Ah Great
Did not know that…

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