[SOLVED] Scroll view doesn't work with mouse wheel


While using a scroll view, I noticed that the scroll view in the UI options don’t work with the mouse wheel like any regular scroll bar.

I was wondering if it was normal?

Even if it is, how can I make it work with the mouse wheel?

Thanks in advance!

Hello Can U Post A Link To The Project? I Dont Understand Wym?


Here you go, when you play it, click on the menu button.
Then, you see 2 buttons and a scroll view.

The scroll only works when you drag the handle, and not when you use the middle mouse.

I don’t think it is ready to be used just yet:

Sounds like you will need to listen for the scroll events yourself and change the scroll value manually: https://github.com/playcanvas/engine/blob/0038e42bc41a06e70a9b404cc07a6c72df8c90dc/src/framework/components/scroll-view/component.js#L637

So ur Saying when u click on menu ur scroll wheel doesnt work?

it’s all good, yaustar answered me! thanks

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@Linna_Lim Here is the project i have basically kinda restarted the script now but when i tried to get the button to switch scenes when u click play.