Help making a main menu tutorial


Ok! Well now that thats fixxed i have a question!. I am making a main menu tutorial i using the button tutorial from the blogs. But i went to edit it myself but nothing works think u can help me out?

[SOLVED] Scroll view doesn't work with mouse wheel

Sure, just tell me what doesn’t work and send me a link of the project


@Linna_Lim Here is the project i have basically kinda restarted the script now but when i tried to get the button to switch scenes when u click play.


Currently at work, going to help when I can!
If later on you fix your problem tell me, otherwise I am going to look at it after work :slight_smile:


Ok TY! i will let you know!


@yaustar Have any suggestions?


For…? :thinking: No problem has been given here?



He linked his project, he is trying to change scene with the click of a button


Sure, but which part of it is causing a problem?


Cant seem to get it to work no matter what i do :shrimp: dont know what im doing wrong


Break the problem down first. You have to detect when the button is pressed and load/unload scenes.

Starting with the button, can you detect when the user has clicked on it?

If so, can you do something really simple such as print a message to the console or disabling an entity in the scene?