[SOLVED] Scene selection dialog breaks at low resolutions

Hello there PlayCanvas users, I have a problem with the editor. When I open my scene, it doesn’t show. Why does that happens?

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Hi there,

Sorry, you’re having trouble. Can you see if there are any errors in the JavaScript console?

Can’t find it. Not sure if I install Java or not, but I know the other plugins are unresponsive.

Try selecting any entity and hit “F” on keyboard.

I try that, but that didn’t work. I can only see the panels. The display isn’t included in the Editor tab.

You don’t need Java or any plugins to use PlayCanvas.

Can you tell use what browser version and OS you are using? Also a print screen shot of your browser could be helpful.

To find the Javascript console in Chrome, select View -> Developer -> Javascript Console.

Im having the same problem

From your screenshot, it looks like your device is running at such low resolution, that the CSS inside that scene select dialog is causing the scene list to go offscreen. Can’t you increase resolution?

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And check your browser is rendering the page at 100% - maybe you’ve zoomed the page by mistake…

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We’ll look to make a proper fix for this though. :slight_smile:

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Which resolution is desirable for CSS?

I’ve been on 768p resolution with no problem.

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Tnx for your help. I will post my creation when its done :slightly_smiling_face:

Tnx. I tried to increase resolution but nothing happened on Editor, and my Windows start to look cloudy. How can i check how browser rendering the page?

Can you take a full sized screen shot please? And also a link to the project if possible?

What’s the resolution of your screen/monitor?

The screenshot above looks like the browser is in a window that is smaller than the screen.

That doesn’t look like your fullscreen.

What’s the brand and model of your laptop/PC?


What’s the brand and model of your laptop/PC? I’m trying to find out what the max screen resolution of it is.

Eg Is it a Lenovo Thinkpad T480?

The max screen resolution is 1600x1200. And the name of the model: it says ALTOS, i know it is bought almost a decade ago