[SOLVED] Scene selection dialog breaks at low resolutions

If the max screen resolution is 1600 x 1200, then you need to go into the desktop resolution settings of windows and increase the resolution to the maximum supported.

When using PlayCanvas, ensure that the browser window is maximised. ie it’s covering the entire screen.

If you still don’t see the scene listing, when in Chrome and in the PlayCanvas Editor, hold down Ctrl and press - key until you do. This zooms out the page for that domain.

Things may become harder to read/see because you the page is zoomed out but the Editor only supports a minimum screen resolution of 720p or 768p. AFAIK

Press key-you mean the K button?

No, the minus button (next to 0)

However, your Editor view looks fine now that you have maximised the window to the screen so no need to do that.

but nothing else happ, except everything else on my comp shreded?


?So, what should i do, cant press plus or hierarchy?

When you are on this screen click on the ‘Untitled’ text to load the default scene.


I did, tnx a lot :hugs:

Just to follow up, @halvves has done an awesome job updating this dialog to render correctly at different screen resolutions. He’ll deploy the fix on Monday.


Guessing you still haven’t deployed?

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As it turns out, there are a few other new features on our dev server and we have a few engineers out on vacation, so we have to wait until next Monday when they’re back before we can safely deploy everything. Sorry, my mistake in prematurely announcing yesterday as the deployment date.


No problem man, anyway I doubt anybody will ever use the Editor at such ridiculous resolutions :smile:

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this would be super useful i can then dev on my iphone wooohoo


Just an update… this should be live in the editor now!