[SOLVED] RuntimeError: abort(OOM). Error

Hello, I faced this “RuntimeError: abort(OOM). Build with -s ASSERTIONS=” error when i try to run my project. My project still consist of many objects. I can’t find any solution regarding this error even with this [SOLVED] Ammo script error abort(OOM) forum discussion didn’t solve my error.

The attached is a screenshot of the error, thank you.

Here’s the link for my Playcanvas project: https://playcanvas.com/editor/scene/1037582

Found the issue

The trees are the issue at 274MB

There were being used as collision mesh and they are far, far too detailed to be used for collision. It is the same issue as mentioned here: [SOLVED] Ammo script error abort(OOM)

Delete the tree entities, it works ‘fine’.

We recommend against using meshes as collision whenever possible and if you do use meshes, use simplified versions.


Thank you for your reply!
But I still got some error such as black screen while running the application, is there any other solution to clear the black screen issue?

You’ve disabled the camera component on the camera. You need to enable it to render :slight_smile: