[SOLVED] PlayCanvas duplicates textures from GLB file which causes high VRAM

Hey, I have a glb file with few texture atlases. When I import the glb file to play canvas editor, these textures are duplicated multiple times (i guess per material). Which causes high vram. Textures are 2K resolution without any compression.

Profiler without changing anything:

Profiler after deleting duplicates and reattaching same textures to materials:

Is there any way to prevent playcanvas from duplicating the same textures? Or any way to fix this issue without manually deleting and reattaching the same textures, because I want to load glb files from firebase.


@slimbuck Another one for you

@Lukas_31 Would you be able to send @slimbuck the file to look at please?

Of course,

@slimbuck here is link to google drive: House GLB - Google Drive

Hi @Lukas_31 ,

Oh no what a mess! Sorry about this. We’ll try fix this asap.

(I think the glb file probably has multiple “images” all referencing the same “buffer” and we’re incorrectly creating a texture every time).


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Thank you!

Hi @Lucas,

We have a fix for this horrible bug. We’ll release it in the next few days hopefully.

Thanks for reporting!


No problem, thanks for update!

This has now been released.