[SOLVED] Play .webm video on safari

Does anyone know how to play .webm videos on Safari

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Normally, for video textures, I use mp4 files. There are dozens of converters on the net, so it shouldn’t be too tough.

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But i need to play transparent video. Webm supports transparent video

Safari hasn’t fully implemented Webm support yet, so not much you can do until Apple adds that in place. There used to be a number of plug-ins for desktop Safari that enabled Webm playback but support for plug-ins has been dropped.

For the moment if you would like to play a transparent video in Playcanvas you could use some form of chromakey shader with a green-screen mp4 video:

As you mentioned the quality is poor that’s why i moved to transparent video.Is there any other way of playing .webm videos in IOS safari or Chrome. It works fine in android


Partial Support: Only supports VP8 used in WebRTC.


Chrome and the other browsers on iOS still use the webview of Safari for rendering (Apple security rule). So basically they can’t have a different feature set than what Safari provides.

Indeed there is partial support of the Google VP8 codec in WebRTC, as Will said, on iOS though I have no idea if that can be used to decode a file, most likely it used only to compress the camera stream among peers.

Thank you so much Leonidas and will.After surfing some blogs i came to an end i can’t do it.Let me do it for android only