[SOLVED] People forking the game - Not changing it?

Hello, I am making a game called cursed life and someone forked the game which I don’t really care, but someone is making their ‘own game’ called my game cursed life and I just went into the editor, this person just changed materials on the walls and making a act 4 which I have plans for act 4 and 5 while im doing act 3. And he is changing the name to Cursed Life 2 Which I am making after Cursed Life Act 5. So here is the game is it possible if you can do something? This is my game: https://playcanvas.com/project/750704/overview/cursed-life The person who didn’t change a thing in my game and making it his ‘Own game’ https://playcanvas.com/project/768509/overview/cursed-lifee

I really do get it, but like dude make it your own. Don’t steal other people’s games.

And make it as your own

I won’t take it to seriously. If he’s really so inept stealing content, he probably no threat…
As far as I know, from legal you can’t protect the idea og a game, only the name, the logo and slightly a bit of sound, music ,art or code, But that may differ from country to country.
Tripple A companys stole ideas for a board and a card game a convention from me, and nothing I could do, but they didn’t make much profit after all :stuck_out_tongue:
For ‘German board games’ we say: ‘You’ve to trust’…

  1. Ok, thats true
  2. People who play my game going to play that game (because im in the team but like…)
  1. This is just me but I DONT LIKE PEOPLE COPYING MY GAME

I worked hard, while people just outright STEAL the whole game

I understand how you feel regarding how “Forking” would negativley affect your work, that being said however, you’ve specifically agreed with the terms of the “free” plan in playcanvas, which includes your project being liable to be forked

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Also @leonidas i wanted this to get your attention if you can bring it down? https://playcanvas.com/project/768461/overview/pee-pee-man

Hi @Gabriel_Dobrzynski,

You can subscribe for a personal or organization PlayCanvas account and make your project private.

I said I don’t mind people forking it, but like he is doing the game his own

I can’t

  1. because im on my own laptop so no credit card
  2. because my parents said I can’t pay until I get better at coding etc…

If it’s public, you have given permission for people to copy it regardless of your intention or how you feel about it as per terms of use section 3 https://playcanvas.com/terms


Oh, sorry this is really annoying. Because I really worked hard on my game then someone takes all my ideas and does it in their own game.

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So far, I can’t see anything there that breaks terms of use.

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Sigh Uhm, they changed NOTHING but I guess you can’t do anything about that…
I’ll just tell him to

  1. Delete the project
  2. Change all maps because I worked hard on those for like hours a day while he will work like 5 minutes and he’s done…

You can ask him but they don’t have to comply because they haven’t broken any terms.


That’s fine for me, I’ll just tell him atleast to change all maps making it his own, so he doesn’t have to delete the game just make it off as his own.
Because as a wise man said
‘‘Don’t just copy, because in the long term, working hard is far more rewarding, right?’’

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Also @yaustar
I want you to take this game in mind, its inappropriate.

As I mentioned in a previous reply, there’s nothing there yet that breaks terms so it says up.

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