[SOLVED] People forking the game - Not changing it?

Because his name is ‘PPSUCKER’
and his game is ‘I EAT PEE PEE’

You can ask them, but they don’t have to do anything you request as per terms.

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Again, there’s nothing really wrong with that yet. If they start actually making content that is offensive then it’s a different story.

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Ok, I get it

  1. Don’t do anything about the game
  2. Just do my own game

Yes, pretty much. There’s very little you can do about copycats besides out make them when it’s in the public domain.

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Thanks, I will work hard on my game
Hopefully I can show it to you all on sunday! :smiley:

Pretty much I already did
I get like nearly 100 views per day. So Im already out-smarting them! :slight_smile: