[SOLVED] Need help in updating frag shader

I’m trying to fix an older project but I really have no experience with shaders/chunks etc
how can I update this piece of code?

    dDiffuseLight = vec3(0.0);
    gl_FragColor.rgb = combineColorCC();
    gl_FragColor.rgb = combineColor();
    gl_FragColor.rgb += getEmission();
    gl_FragColor.rgb = addFog(gl_FragColor.rgb);
#ifndef HDR
    gl_FragColor.rgb = toneMap(gl_FragColor.rgb);
    gl_FragColor.rgb = gammaCorrectOutput(gl_FragColor.rgb);

or maybe i can somehow set the chunk API version to use without updating?

Hi @Newbie_Coder,

Most likely that is the endPS shader chunk? If that’s the case, the latest one can be found here:

Try updating your code to match that.

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