[SOLVED] Loadouts System (like call of duty)

I would like to know how to make a loadouts system thats similar to call of duties

Hi @Kevin_Herod,

You can check out this project to get started on a loadout system,

i need a way to implement it into my game by making it to when you select the loadout it gives it to you as well as being able to use attachments like a sight to be used for aiming

Yes, you can check out the above system to make a similar loadout system, you can use the Play canvas UI system to set up the screen and you can display the 3d model in the UI as well using

I cannot recommend a project which has exactly the same functionalities.

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:frowning: so complicated im not even that good at coding could you first try and get me set up with an ads system ill make a different topic/post if needed my game already has a pickup and dropping function so i feel like ads is more important

This thread may help: How do I monetize with PlayCanvas?

In a nutshell, any web-based Ad Service would work. http://www.a4g.com/

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ADS- Aim Down Sights

Also, Google have an SDK for rewarded ads on HTML5 games: Sign up for H5 Games Ads (beta) - Google AdSense Help

ads= aim down sights
sorry for the confusion

Oh okay, for that, I would set a key for that, and when that key is pressed, I would run the gun animation of moving in the middle and decrease the camera’s FOV to get the zoom in effect.

animations? moving the gun?

I am guessing you’re talking about this system? On the click, the animation of the gun changes and camera FOV decreases.

yes how would i do that in playcanvas heres the project if you need to know how my guns already work


how would i change the camera fov i got the rest working?

can you look at my other post about recoil pls

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