How do I monetize with PlayCanvas?

I’m very new to Playcanvas (I dont even know if should capitalize the ‘C’ :slight_smile: ) and I was wondering the best way to monetize. As the system seems to link directly to the web page is having Paypal buttons an option to unlock different portions of the game for example? ARe there other way to monetize easily within the playcanvas canvas itself? (Adverting etc)


A PlayCanvas application is essentially a web page. You can run any ads you want or do whatever you would do in a regular web page. You could also add in-game purchases any way you like. PlayCanvas does not have any explicit built-in monetization services so you’re free to use whatever you like.

Many thanks. Are there any example games out there that anyone knows of that have some kind of payment system? (Just so I can take a look). I have no idea, for example, if payments with paypal create a callback which I can then use in the PlayCanvas engine to unlock parts of the game or if there is some other way it is done. It would be really interesting to know more, (a tutorial) or see an example of how it’s done.

Maybe I’m shallow, but monetization is hugely important to me :slight_smile: I apologize for this.

I think you will have to research this - there are various services for processing payments. Stripe is a popular one you might want to look into that. Not sure about PayPal.

If you make games with payments, such as PayPal, then you need to host game yourself. As mentioned by @vaios, this is not PlayCanvas related actually, but generic to web development.

Most monetization model is ads in web, here is one of the examples: - he uses multiple ads formats in his game to generate revenue.

I just really want a ‘buy now’ kind of button that will then unlock a portion of the game. I searched the paypal site and although I have a business account with them, any information on how to do this is very hard to find. I want to avoid ads at all costs really for my purposes.

Arguably the most straightforward way to do is to have a server connected to the game where players can login and stores whether they have paid for the content or not regardless on which device they access the game from.

Sure, but I need the payment provider (Paypal) to send something to that database with that information, and/or someway of getting a callback from paypal once a payment is complete. There are ways to do this but information on the paypal dev site is very sketchy to say the least. Clearly it’s more of a paypal thing than a PlayCanvas thing but I thought it was worth asking just in case anyone had overcome this before…

I think you should just search a payment service provider and talk with them about your project or wishes. The most of them have multiple payment methods already on board. So your user can decide if he wants to pay with paypal, credit card or something else the provider comes up with in the script. This is just an installation like modules on some cms scripts. Its just linking the user to the payment service provider and if the user have done the payment he would get a link back to your side or get an information about that the process was successful and he can close the window for the payment.
In a shop you would now get a ordering for the paid stuff the user has paid for and in your case he would get access to the item itself. So lets say its a epic sword, he just check it, clicks “buy it”, gets the payment methods and choose which one he want to use. He do the banking stuff on the payment service provider side and is linked back to you where your script just get the “hey he has paid for this” authorisation, sets the item free and insert it in his inventory.
It’s like a webshop, so you just need to setup a mini shop system for your case and you don’t need some cms shop system there to do the trick. But it would be a little saver I think. If you choose to do this with a payment service provider, you also have the advantage that the user pays the bill, because if not, he’s messing around with a bigger company. That’s a much better way than to do this by yourself.
Also an advantage to handle this over a “psp” is the fact that not all users would “trust” every side in the web where they have to pay for something. A “psp” could help in this case also. It’s not everything just about the code, sometimes it’s more… :wink:

But anyway, what I try to say is the payment methods are the same like in a webshop cms system for example. :wink:

Or do i missunderstand you and you search the way to verify the payment with paypal?! In this case you just have to search about the “Instant Payment Notification”.

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For PayPal specifically, you want to look at their developer documentation ( For transactions over the web, you most likely want to use the REST SDK (