[SOLVED] FBX file import issue

Hi guys;
There are some trouble when i try to import .fbx model into the editor,and i have no idea to solve this problem.This is the screenshoot

so horrible…
I download this model from the official site of Imaginegirls and just change the path of the textures or it cannot be displayed normally,but there is no problems when edit in 3DS MAX
i do not know what happened to the model???any ideas???
P.S sorry for my terrible English,i am from china, graduated from senior high school 11 days ago…
P.S.S due to the limitation of image,i try to use iframe tag but it cannot work normally…

Model in 3DS MAX

Can you share the link to the project? My guess is that the materials need some tweaking.

Here is the link https://launch.playcanvas.com/532355?debug=true

Had a quick look at it and it looks more like a UV/model issue. I can’t tell you exactly what as it may have something to do with the FBX loader in PlayCanvas.

I dropped Iris_underwear.fbx into PlayCanvas. I then added the textures from the MMD zip. I then applied the textures to the diffuse slots of various materials and I get this:

The eyelashes look a bit odd - I might have screwed that up. But the scene is here:


I add the textures in the FBX converter,now i think that is the problem.
Thanks a lot!


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