Cannot import FBX

I am not able to upload my FBX files in play canvas. Even after uploading the file is not showing on the grid. Please resolve the issue

I’ve just tried some test FBXs that we have and they currently import fine.

Would you be able to share the FBX or the project please and we can take a look

Yes sure please tell me the process or the steps how you are importing

That looks correct. See the diamond icon on the left? That’s the template asset that you use to add the model to the scene.

You can either drag and drop it into the scene or right click on the scene hierarchy → Template → Add Instance.

Video below of a large FBX model:

Read more here about FBX importing: Import Hierarchy | Learn PlayCanvas

And here about templates: Templates | Learn PlayCanvas

its not clear to me till now. please start from the basic how to import the file. it will be very helpful

Does the video not help?


can we connect on ANYDESK or TEAM VIEWER?

Here is another video with a smaller FBX and voiceover on importing a FBX and adding the model to the scene

YOu dragged the file to root and then the model showed on grid. I am dragging the file on root and nothing’s happening

Can you share a link to the project please?

model has come but not the textures please tell me a way to apply textures also , a quick video can help

If you can share a link to the project, I can help give more concrete advice.

Looking at the FBX directly, it doesn’t have textures embedded so that’s way there are no textures when the FBX is imported.

TLDR, to texture the model, you have to upload the textures to PlayCanvas and assign them to the materials generated by the FBX.

and how do u do that?

Try following this tutorial by the community:

I am applying textures but its not showing

Can you share the project where you are having this problem please?