[SOLVED] Dynamic Refraction shader broken?


I created a simple example project and just added a new material that utilize Dynamic Refractions.

When running the application this error pops up:
Shader [Shader Id 1 LitShader-forward-proc] requires texture sampler [uSceneColorMap] which has not been set, while rendering [Pass:RenderPassForward | Camera | World(OPAQUE) | Node: Box | Box]

Is there anything I’m doing wrong or is there some WEBGL specific issue with Chrome for example?

Found a solution:

There’s a checkbox on the camera called Color Grabpass.
Make sure it’s enabled and refractions will work again.

Not sure if it’s the correct solution though. Feel free to correct me otherwise.

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It is the correct solution.

We need to add this to the documentation ASAP! :smile: