[SOLVED] Debugging in IE11

Hey all

I wanted to ask what in your opinion the best method of debugging in IE11 is?
I tried opening the editor in IE11, but since the editor contains ES6 features, it doesn’t work, same if I just copy the link to the launcher into a new tab. So the only way apparent to me seems to be that I have to build the game everytime I want to test something and then try opening the build in IE11.

This is obviously not very convenient, do you have a better idea?

Maybe you should take a look at this forum post.

Thanks for the quick answer, but that link only helped a little bit. The way to debug described there was the same that I described. I’m still wondering how others are doing it and if they have found a better way than rebuilding the game everytime.

Is there a specific bug you have in IE11? If something is broken on a published build in IE11 but not in Chrome, that could be an engine bug.

I already managed to fix the issue. It was the spine plugin that crashed our game

The problem was that IE11 doesn’t support TypedArray.prototype.map. Spine.prototype.initAttachment was trying to use this function to map over an attachments uvs, which is a Float32Array. I ended up writing a small polyfill, by copying the Array.prototype.map method and applying it to the Float32Array.prototype.

I didn’t notice though until just now that this part of the code was updated on March 9th via this Commit. So maybe this is not an issue anymore, I didn’t the test the new Spine plugin yet though.

I know that the engine is built to support IE11, but does the spine plugin try to do that as well? Or should we keep in mind that this plugin might break in the future on IE11?

The fact that the Spine plugin is currently using JS features that are unsupported in IE11 is a bug. This needs to be fixed. Would you like to log an issue on the Github repo for it?

Sure, I will check the updated plugin whether it’s still problematic in IE11. If that’s the case, I will create an issue and update this post.

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So I tested it in IE and there were no more errors, so I won’t create an issue. Looks good as of now :wink:

Great - thanks for letting us know. :smile: