[SOLVED] IE11 Launch Error

Hi All,

I’ve just come across an issue whilst launching my project via the PlayCanvas editor.


IE11 errors on this line causing the application not to launch.

Hi @adam4472,

Does this happens to a single project only?

It seems that IE11 has some special cases where forEach isn’t supported (e.g. on protected mode).

@will @vaios may know more about this.

I have a project with a script that uses forEach as well and the project will not load. I get this error which brings me to the same 4362 line that the OP posted.

SCRIPT1002: Syntax error
launch.js (4362,34)

The PlayCanvas Editor no longer supports IE11. Please switch to a more up to date browser (Edge/Chrome/Firefox/Opera). To test your app on IE11, you can publish a build (with source maps enabled) and run that in IE11 with the Dev Tools open.

I should point out that IE (all versions) have a global market share of 1.68% (as of January 2020). So for IE11, it will of course be lower. Therefore, we don’t consider IE11 worth supporting for running the Editor any more.

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Was this announced somewhere?

Also, what was the last engine released that would launch PlayCanvas under IE11?

No, it wasn’t announced because we don’t currently ship release notes for the Editor. It’s something we’ve discussed internally for a little while now and something we want to add.

But the Editor/Launch Page officially stopped working in IE11 maybe 3 months ago, more or less, when we fully adopted CSS Grid for the Editor’s layout manager.

The engine always has supported IE11 and we have no plans to drop support for it. You just can’t develop PlayCanvas apps with IE11 (and that includes running the Launch URL in IE11). Published apps works absolutely fine in IE11.

Can you let me know why you need the launch page to work in IE11?

No need. I misunderstood your post and thought that we could no longer publish and have IE11 work. I would just prefer that the apps continue to at least launch in IE11 - even if with some reduced functionality.

Hi Will,

Our client requires IE11 support for the game we are developing, it saves considerable time being able to just use the launch URL for testing rather than having to do a build for every change we want to test.

Yeah, I suspected that’d be your reasoning, @adam4472. We could actually restore the Launch Page to be fully IE11 compliant. But here’s the thing. We’re planning on augmenting the Launch Page with a debugger view that is based on the Editor’s architecture (including its reliance on CSS Grid). And that won’t be IE11 compatible. So even if we fix it now, our upcoming updates will break it again. I just feel that having the Launch Page support IE11 would just hold the overall platform back, when it’s not a huge annoyance to test IE11 with published builds. I mean, you should really be QAing published builds anyway since they do execute slightly differently to the Launch Page.


How long has PlayCanvas been supporting CSS grid? Couldn’t @adam4472 use something like this? Just curious in case we have a client who also wants IE11.

@DevilZ I answered that above:

But the Editor/Launch Page officially stopped working in IE11 maybe 3 months ago, more or less, when we fully adopted CSS Grid for the Editor’s layout manager.

@adam4472 doesn’t need to use an earlier engine because all engine versions work with IE11. The Launch Page is separate. It’s the page that runs your game connected to the Editor. The Launch Page JS/HTML/CSS is not included when you publish your game.

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Thanks for your detailed and informative response @will. This helped a lot.