[SOLVED] Canvas-to-PlayCanvas ... Challenge on particles

Being short on time myself, I have a challenge; can anyone fit this to become 3d particles in Playcanvas?

  • I know we already a quite good particle system, but this has a quite stationary start-emission point.
    This effect (by fit of; shader chunks) could also be rather nice: Shader - Shadertoy BETA
    {again without a certain/stationary start point}
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What do you mean by stationary start point?

The emitter - there could/should be a more ‘omni-present’ option for where the particles starts within the XYZ-World coordinates

We have support for primitive emitter shapes so that particles can spawn randomly in the shape if thats what you mean?

My goal is to mimic dust on a ‘dry summer festival spot filled with people and stalls’. In such ‘scenarios’ the dust is more ambient and without a clear central emitter - such particles are not ‘being spawned’ but are merely kicked of the ground by people

Unless I’m missing something, wouldn’t you just attach the particle effect to the base or the user/feet and trigger it on every step/at an interval?

Ok I get the point (and maybe I am being nerdish on the graphics side), but let us say that one of the examples were implemented, I/others would not have to do a lot of extra start steps in the particle-settings like gravity, lifetime, random speed+positioning and especially positioning a particle emitter for every person in ‘the festival spot’ … a function with ‘ambient positioning + random speed of particles with multiple emitters positions’ would be nice - in case you follow, I could change gear and ‘feature req’ at github? :slight_smile:

I don’t follow. It sounds like you would like a predefined/already preconfigured particle effect for a dust cloud? In which case it can be a template asset with the setup and script(s) needed that is copied from project to project.

Even if you just wanted a function to do all this, that can be done by a developer and taken from project to project.

  • please revisit link above … the dust-particles are quite different from ‘our’ particle emitters (more like small clouds of microscopic grains), and does not seem to be dependent on a flat canvas-plane either.

That looks like a custom shader effect which is possible to do in PlayCanvas I would imagine. It just wouldn’t be an engine feature or something that we would provide as an example as it’s quite a niche effect.

ok - will back down from ‘feat req’-approach

Can use advanced particle editor like

And use them in playcanvas:



Ok, that ‘rocks’ Saad … I think my project is covered for now, thanks
( ‘.efkefc’ … did not see that coming)

Did you write the integration for effekseer?

No its written by the person who wrote

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oh very cool find… bookmarking now

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Oh cool, so you just ported it? I’m thinking about cleaning it up a bit for a tutorial project, would that be okay?

No, the same guy made a sample, I just put in some built-in effects :D, sure go for it
its actually pretty old: