How to change particle emit direction in runtime?

I want to create a particle effects like Doctor Strange.



My project:

My screenshot:

My implementation is create a particle emitter and emit particles to -Y direction. And then rotate it within a circle radius.

But I have some problems:

  1. The particles are not towards to the tangent of the circle path. Can I update the emit direction frequently ?
  2. When the emitter rotated, it seems the particles are rotated too ! How can the particles keeps the flying direction after emitted ?
  3. As the rotate speed grows up, the particles are no more rotate in an orbit of radius. Just launch my project.

Afraid this is not really possible with our current particle system. You may want to use as third party system called Effekseer instead: [SOLVED] Canvas-to-PlayCanvas ... Challenge on particles - #12 by Saad_Haider

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OK, thank you for the information !