Particle system with Render asset can not rotate respectively

Project editor link: PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

if add a render asset to particle system, i can not rotate it.

any one can help ?

What do you mean by ‘cannot rotate it’?

change entity rotation or any other particlesystem paramaters ,the particle takes no effect

Bear in mind that you have local velocity and velocity curves

velocity is always in world space whereas it sounds like you want local velocity so that the velocity of the particles is in the same space as the local node transformation

You may also want to enable Local Space too

I set all velocity to 0, enable local space,then rotate the entity , still takes no effect ,the render asset (mesh)of particalsystem keep static;
editor:; test object is “scene->whale->vfx->drops-drop”,can you take a look.

Project is private so it cannot be accessed.

It be best to create a simple public project that showcases the issue
I want change particle start angle by rotate entity it possible?

Oh, I see what you are doing here. I’m afraid this is not possible with the current implementation of the particle system besides changing the start/end angle and even then you don’t have control of the axis it rotates on.

seem true and sad :sweat_smile: :rofl:

You may want to try a third party lib like Effekseer: [SOLVED] Canvas-to-PlayCanvas ... Challenge on particles - #12 by Saad_Haider

:smiley:thanks, I will check.